Our stickers are printed onto quality European Vinyls, on either Matte, Gloss or Clear vinyl . Stickers can be cut into almost any shape imaginable, from circles to complex outlines. Our sticker range is perfect for business promotional stickers, bumper stickers, sporting club stickers and much more. printed directly onto 100um vinyl these stickers have a life span of approximately 3-4 Years in full weather, Printed in High Resolution 1440dpi x 720dpi  Minimum order quantity is 20 stickers.

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Laminated for Extra Durability!
Our Premium sticker range is again printed onto Quality vinyl, but also includes a protective over-lamintate extending the life of your stickers to approximately 5-7 years. Printed in High Resolution 1440dpi x 720dpi. Premium Laminated stickers are perfect for high contact areas, such as drink bottles, back of your mobile etc, basically any surface that is regularly handled. The Protective over-lamintae also makes your stickers thicker and easier to apply to the surface, especially handy for larger stickers. Minimum order quantity is 20 stickers, for smaller sized stickers