Our stickers are printed onto quality European Vinyls, on either Matte, Gloss or Clear vinyl . Stickers can be cut into almost any shape imaginable, from circles to complex outlines. Our sticker range is perfect for business promotional stickers, bumper stickers, sporting club stickers and much more. printed directly onto 100um vinyl these stickers have a life span of approximately 3-4 Years in full weather, Printed in High Resolution 1440dpi x 720dpi  Minimum order quantity is 20 stickers.

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Custom Bumper Stickers in Melbourne

Stand out from the crowd with customised Bumper Stickers from The Sticker Lab. We personalise bumper stickers based on hundreds of sticker templates or we create custom bumper stickers from scratch to your specifications. At The Sticker Lab, there are endless options that you can choose for your customisable bumper sticker. Our stickers have the razzle dazzle to fit all personalities. You can choose from several categories of bumper stickers which include political stickers, funny bumper stickers, sports stickers and any that you choose to make.

These custom bumper stickers can spread different messages that you would like to proclaim. If you are looking for different custom sticker sizes and shapes then we have you covered. We can produce custom stickers which are custom shaped, circle, rectangle or oval. Our team offers you a low minimum order quantity that is perfect for your small or medium business that is required to purchase our bumper stickers. Our custom bumper stickers in Melbourne are printed on high quality vinyl that has a permanent adhesive backing.

Once these stickers are designed and made, they can immediately be stuck on your car’s bumper. These stickers are fade and water resistant. With our bumper stickers, you can be sure to spread your message and get noticed.


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Custom Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers should be the most durable sticker that is used outdoors. You can add these stickers to car bumpers, car windows, bicycles, motorcycles or even skateboards that need UV protected stickers. As compared to other stickers, these bumper stickers are long lasting and durable and could last up to 5 years in the outdoors. In some cases, they can last longer if they are less exposed to external elements.

There are several materials which you can choose from. These include White PVC – Glossy or Matte or Transparent Vinyl that is cut to your specifications.

In terms of the Kiss Cut, these stickers have a larger backing sheet that allows it to peel easily. These stickers could be rectangles, circles, squares or custom shapes. These custom shapes are needed if you want the trim line to follow along the design. These stickers are available in rich, full colour applications which are vibrant and will make your artwork stand out.


Laminated for Extra Durability!
Our Premium sticker range is again printed onto Quality vinyl, but also includes a protective over-lamintate extending the life of your stickers to approximately 5-7 years. Printed in High Resolution 1440dpi x 720dpi. Premium Laminated stickers are perfect for high contact areas, such as drink bottles, back of your mobile etc, basically any surface that is regularly handled. The Protective over-lamintae also makes your stickers thicker and easier to apply to the surface, especially handy for larger stickers. Minimum order quantity is 20 stickers, for smaller sized stickers

Features of Custom Bumper Stickers

1. Weatherproof Vinyl: These bumper stickers are made of sturdy vinyl material and about the same thickness as a dollar bill.

2. Industry-Exclusive Process: With our amazing printing technology and research, we have created a superior product that is available at an affordable price.

3. Strong Adhesive: The adhesive used on these stickers help to fix them tight onto smooth surfaces.

4. Scratch Resistant: You can count on our stickers to hold up to rough handling.

5. Turnaround: Once your order is placed it takes 2 business days for delivery till they are ordered.

If you are looking for custom bumper stickers then look no further than The Sticker Lab to give you the best custom stickers at an affordable price. Call us at 0431 462 467 and we will be ready to take your questions and give you a quotation. Contact Us!

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